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Transition Information

What Is Transition?

Transition is the process of preparing students for life after High school. It is required under Federal and State Special Education Laws to be addressed in the students Individualized Education Plan (IEP) beginning no later than age 14. Partners In Progress Transition Services are provided at no cost to parents.

What Occurs During This Process?

A plan must be developed by the educational system. This plan includes a coordinated set of activities to make your student’s move from school to adult life as seamless as possible.

When Do We Start?

Partners In Progress can best help your child when we get acquainted early. Most schools begin formal transitioning between the ages of 14 and 16. This is an ideal time to invite a representative from PIP to your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and Transitional Meetings.

How Does PIP Help?

Transition is a team effort! PIP helps the transition team identify what will be best for your student upon leaving school. Employment, independent living and post-secondary training are options for all students.


Early in the transition process Partners In Progress uses a variety of assessments to determine your student’s interests and abilities. Then we provide lessons that teach about work and appropriateness on the job site.

Partners In Progress needs you to be on the team, too! Tell us what you are thinking and planning so we can customize your student’s plan and help realize your goals.


Partners In Progress’ Transition House is just the place to learn those important independent living skills. The Transition House leads your student down the path to gaining more independence gradually, in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

PIP specializes in preparing students for the world of work. Every attempt is made to have your student job ready upon graduation. The experiences and training we provide move from general to specific.

Work Experience Programs

Partners In Progress helps students considering further education by arranging college visits and by introducing them to individuals who are working in specific careers.

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